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  • I hired Mr.Banker to represent me in court, for my Public Intoxication case. He was reasonable and professional when discussing the case and the fee. When we were attending the court, the state already filed a motion to dismiss my case. He offered to count the fee towards the expunging the record of this issue. That shows his integrity. I am glad, I approached him.

  • I was fighting a 15 to 99 case and after firing my first lawyer Charles got on my case and he fought long and hard right before going to trial he called and told me my case was dismissed I felt this man was sent by God and i was trusting i was in Gods hands and a good lawyer sent by Him. It’s been a year since we beat the case and I’m enjoying life and my family I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Thank you Charles

  • I was charged with capital murder back in 2013 after Mr.banker took me out with his signature bond we went to court got me 10 yrs deferred probation and resecently I’ve picked up about 4misdimeneior and hes inttellegence doesn’t let me get revoke I really recommend this highly skilled attorney in federal and state cases

  • My son was charge with capital murder, for killing an informant off the law, six men were involved, my son was facing live in prison or to death roll, but Mr Banker started working on the cause, investigating, after about fighting against the prosecutor and the court. The prosecutor offer my 65 years, he sad no, then the charge was changed to murder and offer my son 35years he sad no then they change the charge again to aggravated robbery and offer 15 years my son said no and all this time Mr. Banker was fighting, until Mr. Banker got to where he he wanted. My son was charged with, robbery, and was offer a 10year differ probation and on three years An a half he gos back to court and gets clear from all the rest of the probation. Thank you Mr Banker For helping my son. We love you God bless you and take care.

  • I highly recommend Mr. Charles Banker III and his law firm employees. I appreciate all they did for me and my family. All in all it was a great experience!

  • Charles Banker helped my granddaughter when she was given a DWI 6 months ago. He was very professional and courteous in helping her receive the best possible plea bargain which greatly aided to continue her education. After her probation, she will have no record of the incident and can continue with her life, having learned a valuable life lesson. We are grateful and highly recommend Mr. Banker to anyone needing a good honest attorney.

  • Thank you Mr. Banker for your services, my family couldn’t have done it without you…your thorough investigation made a huge impact regarding my nieces case.

  • Freedom is good if it wouldn’t have been for Mr. Banker and his firm I wouldn’t be free right now. I’m able to keep working and taking care of my family thanks to all of his hard work. I greatly appreciate everything he’s done and I highly recommend him.